Cyber Monday Deals and Steals

As respected members of the mainstream media, I feel that it is our duty to inform you that it is now the appropriate season to shop like a motherfucker. Just go out and buy shit. Don’t even think about it. You’re like one of those New Zealand rugby players, all amped on adrenalin and foaming at the mouth like a psychopath. Except instead of adrenalin, it’s consumerism that you’re rabid with. Now that we’ve got you so fired up, it would only be responsible of us to point you in the right direction before we unleash you on commerce.

Seriously. This is what you all look like at Best Buy at 12:01 AM.

Truth is, I was doing a little Christmas shopping (mostly for myself). I was perusing deals over at Amazon. I would have to assume that as a reader of our website, you would share similar geeky interests to my own. In case you were on the lookout for some cool stuff for yourself or your friends and family, here’s some of the deals that caught my eye.

As I mentioned during our most recent Week at Work post, Amazon has a hell of a deal on the The Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu-Ray. At that time, the set was running for $49.99. As of the writing of this article, the set is now up to $56.99. That’s still more than half off the retail price. If you haven’t purchased BD copies of the films, there isn’t going to be a better price for it than right now. Or, if maybe you’re like 9 years old and got to our site by googling “tentacles and boobs” and got to our Conan review, and you’ve never seen the movies before, you need to go steal your stepdad’s credit card and buy this immediately. Other notable deals include the Harry Potter: The Complete Collection ($79.99), Lost: The Complete Collection ($167.99), Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy ($29.99), the Ultimate Matrix Collection ($31.99), Sucker Punch Extended Edition ($14.99), The Exorcist: Extended Cut and Original ($10.99), Spartacus: Blood and Sand ($18.99), Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ($10.49), and Star Wars: The Clone Wars ($12.14). Also, my own personal recommendations – since nothing says Christmas like a healthy dose of Stallone: Rocky: The Undisputed Collection ($38.99) and The Expendables ($9.99).

In the world of comics, the deals are more or less the same as usual on Amazon. Their low prices on trades make it easy to catch up on all the latest happenings like the excellent Green Lantern: War of the Green Lanterns ($19.79 HC), Flashpoint ($14.72 HC), FF vol. 1 ($12.77 HC) and vol. 2 ($15.98 HC, pre-order), and maybe the mother of all trades this season: DC Comics: The New 52 ($89.99 HC, pre-order, available December 13). My own personal feelings about what DC is doing aside, this is 40% off a hardcover trade collecting the first issue of each of DC’s New 52 line. That’s $90 for 52 full-length comic books. Have you actually bought comic books at a comic shop or news stand recently? If so, then I don’t think I need to explain that this is a steal-and-a-half.

Oh, also in the world of books of a non-comic variety, there’s the Amazon Exclusive Song of Ice and Fire Hardcover Box Set ($86.31) which boxes together the first four novels. You can include A Dance With Dragons to bring the grand total to $107.31. I prefer hardcovers myself, mostly because I have a nasty habit of breaking spines on paperbacks. Also, the hardcovers are what make the impressive gift if you’ve got a nerdy friend (possibly even female friend, because chicks dig A Song of Ice and Fire FOR REAL) you’re trying to blow away. However, if you’re on a budget or just buying for yourself, you can pick up the mass market paperback set for $14.08 or the Kindle edition for $29.99.

One last thing I just happened to notice was this. If you have a friend who you’d like to get into Dungeons and Dragons, the 4th Edition Core Rulebook Gift Set is currently on sale for $66.12. I remember looking at this as a gift for a friend a few months ago, and it was $90 back then. I’d suggest picking this one up soon if you can.

Those are just a few of the outstanding geek gems to be had in Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale. Before you get on my case, I am well aware that there are other websites that also have Cyber Monday sales. Don’t get me wrong. I’m positive there are other vendors with great deals as well. This isn’t strictly a schill for Amazon. I, personally, just happen to have an Amazon credit card. That means it’s where I do all my online geek impulse buying. Besides, we all pretty much know that Amazon is slowly but surely taking over the world. As long as that means I keep getting dirt cheap trades and BDs, I’m all for it.