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MAD! Returns with Avenging Spider-Man!

All the way back in June Marvel announced that Joe Madureira would be returning to Marvel with art duties on a new Spidey book. It seems that with Darksiders 2 on it’s way to completion and it’s release sometime in 2012, Joe has some time to do comics. Well the time for the Amazing Avenging Spider-Man has finally arrived! Hitting shelves next Wednesday the 9th with no less than 6 variant covers including art by heavy hitters like Joe Quesada, Humberto Ramos and J Scott Campbell. In a genius marketing move by Marvel, the first 3 issues will come poly-bagged and include codes redeemable for a free digital copy on the Marvel Comic’s app.

It's like a 2 for 1!

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am for this book. I fell in love with Joe’s style back in 1999 when I first read Battle Chasers even though I had to wait months upon months for the next issue only for it to never really be finished. Thanks, thanks a lot Madureira. I’m in the minority of my friends who really enjoys Amazing, I found Spider Island pretty interesting and the return of The Jackal, Kaine and flipping MORBIUS showing up randomly was fun. The scenes with MJ and Peter kind of hinting at possibly getting back together and that spark still being there is touching and I want to see where that goes. There’s a lot of drama in Amazing, which is where Avenging comes in. Avenging has promised to focus on pure action and comedy, because that’s really what I love in my Spidey books. Peter should never, ever shut up during a battle. Each month will see Spider-Man teaming up with his fellow Avengers and facing off against foes that you normally wouldn’t see in a Spidey book. The first 3 issue arc has him teaming up with the Red Hulk and taking on Mole Man and an army of Moloids deep underground.

“I loved Spider-Man because he was funny. Over the years, depending on the writer, sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he’s not. Zeb is very very funny. I hope I can pull it off, but we’re going to have some good comedy in there with serious big action,”
-Joe Madureira

Now for pretty pictures.

Avenging Spider-Man #1 hits stores next Wednesday.

Red Hulk and Spidey get ready to smash some Moloids!

Preview from Avenging Spider-Man #2 Out in December