This Week @ Work 11-25-2011

Finally woke up from tryptophan induced food coma to get this started. I think we’ve all been mostly exploring the reaches of Skyrim while others have been globe hopping in Constantinople and Hyrule.

CL Varner
What I’m Playing: Skyrim, still. Currently level 15, still working on my dark elf battle mage. My vampirism kicked in completely yesterday. Which with a dark elf isn’t so bad since I have a racial 50% defense against fire, and vampirism creates a 25% weakness to fire, I’m still 25% resistant to fire! Yay! I also make a habit of making as many health potions as possible so health and stamina not regenerating in sunlight isn’t a big deal. After spending I don’t even know how many hours playing this game, I can whole heartedly say it is not a 100 or 10 out of 10 or whatever rating system you want to use. I have a lot of gripes. Is it fun? Fuck yes. Do I spend hours just roaming around looking for dragons to slaughter and then running away from bears? Yes. I think that’s my #1 beef with the game. They introduce dragons as if they’re some fantastic great thing, and then make them THE EASIEST THING IN THE GAME TO KILL. I have killed 4 dragons. I have only died once from a dragon. I don’t know if it’s my character build or if they are just complete pushovers. And I’m not even going to compare them to the giants. Giants are fucking giants and will destroy you, there’s really no other way around that. Although I’ve killed 5 or 6 of them as well. Also been playing League of Legends. Main champ has been Nasus and I’m really digging him, he’s a DPS monster. My internet connection is really stupid and iffy and now i’m banned until Saturday for dropping out of games. I’ve dropped out of 2! And not because I wanted to, I WANT TO PLAY! I got accepted into this weekend’s Star Wars: The Old Republic testing session which I’m really stoked about, but like I said, my connection is garbage and I’m currently downloading the ~27GB client files at a blazing 110KB/s so we’ll see if it’s finished downloading by Saturday to jump in.

What I’m Reading:This weekend I went through a bunch of old Spider-Man stuff. Read the origin of the Hobgoblin series, and some other random stuff. Picked up the new Aquaman, Teen Titans, All Star Western and I,Vampire. They’re waiting to be read. Expect something about one of those titles a little more in-depth on Monday.

What I’m Watching: I’m seriously letting you guys down in this department. I have 2 kids so my TV time is pretty non-existent. I did watch the Shrine on Netflix earlier in the week and shall be this week’s Friday Night at the Movies review.

Ian E. Muller
What I’m Playing: Sadly, nothing right now. Which is also why you haven’t had any tabletop gaming posts to read this month. November is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, and I do this shit. Right now I’m a little behind in my word count (50,000 words by midnight of the 30th) so, I need to get cracking. Hence, little to no video game action in November. I did finally beat Arkham Asylum, which means that I’ll be checking out Arkham City in the near future. Also, there is this Skyrim game people keep mentioning, guess that should be on my list? Who knows. The turkey is still infiltrating my brain…

What I’m Reading: Just because I’m writing a damn novel doesn’t mean I don’t have time to READ though. Right now it’s mostly Grant Morrison’s Batman. A friend informed me that I don’t deserve to say I like batman unless I’ve read them, and I conceded. A week later, mmmm happy. Right now I’m working up to Final Crisis, which is where Batman died. Obviously not permanently. So fuck your spoiler alert. I’m also reading Batman & Robin, which is the series where Dick Grayson takes over the role of Batman while Bruce is well, dead, and Robin is… I’ll avoid that spoiler for now. Check it out.

As far as the new 52 goes, the only thing that I’ve decided looks remotely interesting is the Batwoman line. Because she’s pretty badass, and there is some heavy occultism running through that series, which is cool.

Un-superhero related, I finally read Alan Moore’s Neonomicon. Fantastic book, a bit too much fishman rape for my tastes… but I guess that means it probably has more fishman rape than most human brains can handle. It’s cool. {CL Varner: Fuck you, there’s no such thing as too much fishman rape! That book is mind blowing if you’re a huge HPL fan like me. – Ian: Damn straight! It definitely gave me some new ideas for the Call of Cthulhu campaign I’m starting up in December, that’s for sure.}*

Last but not least, MorningGlories and Criminal. Both of these were suggested by my local comic guru, so I gave them a shot. Criminal is pretty good. Some excellent writing from Ed Brubaker. MorningGlories is fantastic. I’m definitely a fan of that one, some pretty twisted stuff.

What I’m Watching: Stargate, aka Space MacGyver. I’m in season eight now, which means I also started watching Stargate Atlantis. Not quite as good. I’m a little disappointed that they made the main character a slightly snarkier, less badass version of Jack O’Neill… but it’s a good show. I recommend it. What I’m really working my way up to is Stargate Universe. Once that is over… well, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll bother catching up on Doctor Who, Torchwood (meh) and Supernatural. We will see!

On a sidenote… I did go see something fantastic in theaters. The new Muppets movie came out. My friend and I were fairly excited about this because, well, The Muppets were our childhood. Very fond memories, etc. etc. The movie, I feel confident saying, was fucking awesome. It was a touching homage to Jim Henson, but at the same time a Muppet movie in its own right. Very much worth seeing if you loved The Muppets. There were one or two unnecessary bits, but the bits that made me die laughing made up for them. And, of course, some awesome celebrity guests. Definitely worth it. Go see it. Now. Stop reading. Muppets time.

What I’m Playing: As you may have noticed, I powered through about 30 hours of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations this past weekend. Now that I have that finished, it’s back to Tamriel for some more Skyrim. I actually re-rolled my character. I was only maybe level 11 when I took my AC:R hiatus. This time around I’m going with a Khajiit rogue/mage hybrid. The best part is that my stupid ass was running around building up my one-handed skill until I remembered that the Khajiit’s unarmed melee is way more powerful than any of the weapons available at the beginning of the game. Not that any of that matters a whole lot, considering I’m mostly dual wielding magic anyway. It’s all in preparation for my highly anticipated rematch with that motherfucking piece of shit Wisp Mother. I swear to god, when I see her, I’m going to bum-rush that whore with two fists full of lightning spells and scream “NOW YOUNG SKYWALKER, YOU WILL DIE!” Then I’m going to teabag her corpse.

What I’m Reading: I ordered some new books that should hopefully get here in a few days. Out of the whole order, I’m especially looking forward to reading New Mutants, Vol. 2: Necrosha. The main Necrosha storyline with X-Force was pretty cool, and I liked the first New Mutants trade a lot. I don’t think I’m shocking anyone by saying that Zeb Wells is a hell of a writer. Plus, now that I’m getting back into comics more regularly, I find myself gravitating more towards the B-Teams. I like it when a writer can take a squad full of players nobody wants and make them interesting. Hell, when Cannonball is the dopest member of your team, and the book is still a page-turner, you’re doing something right.

Oh, and Moonstar. She’s pretty badass.

Just ask Ares. He went from God of War to God of Little Bitches in about three seconds.

What I’m Watching: Haven’t had much time to watch anything. However, I did purchase the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy on Blu Ray. Amazon currently has it on sale for $49.99, which is a hell of a bargain. Too bad it’ll probably wind up sitting in my pile of “to watch” movies next to Blade Runner, Con Air, Pan’s Labyrinth, all four Die Hard movies, and god knows what else. That stack is only going to get worse during the holiday season. You know those ridiculous impulse buy traps that they set up at Best Buy while you have to wait in their agonizingly long lines? The ones with the shitty DVDs and BDs for $5-$10? You know how you see that and say to yourself, “What kind of asshole would actually buy Cliffhanger on Blu Ray?” I’m that asshole! Before 2012 gets here, I’m pretty sure I’ll somehow own Last Action Hero and Judge Dredd on BD too.


*Editor’s Note: The Critical Table does not endorse either Fishmen, or rape of any kind.

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