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Marvel to Release New Scarlet Spider Series in January

It seems that Marvel feels there’s still some life left in the Clone Saga’s old bones. After the events of Spider-Island and Kaine’s heroic actions, he appears to want to become a true hero. So is born the Scarlet Spider once again. CBR is reporting the book will launch on January 4th of 2012. Follow the link for a couple of preview pages.

As far as how I feel about the Clone Saga and it’s aftermath, I’ll have a full article about that in the coming days leading up to the release of this. I didn’t get to read the ENTIRETY of the saga when it happened and I never really cared enough to go back and look at it until now. I just remember it being bizarre and my 12 year old self loving the Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider character. So expect something huge from me soon as I vent my frustrations 15 years later.

“Scarlet Spider is a book that can deal with a character much like Peter Parker but at darker, more difficult place in his life…The violent choices he’s made through years of struggle—the sins of youth, so to speak—have come at a brutal cost. He may hope that the things he’s done will be left to the dusty, yellowed pages of history, but someone ALWAYS remembers who you used to be.”
-Stephen Wacker, Marvel Senior Editor

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