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This Week @ Work 12-16-11

CL Varner

What I’m Playing: I have a confession to make, I haven’t played Skyrim in about a week and a half. I think I need to reroll my character and start over. Every time I try to actually play the game, instead of just roaming around the countryside picking flowers and catching butterflies and torch bugs, I end up dying over and over again and it’s just frustrating. I have been playing a lot of League of Legends, still. I’m in love with Dominion over the classic game. I die A LOT in classic games because I tend to dive towers and put the destruction of turrets before killing the other champions. I was doing really well last week as Swain but now that he’s out of free rotation I’m back to using Nasus. Using a “tankier” build and being more defensive, it doesn’t seem to be helping much though.

What I’m Reading: Just finished Stephen King’s 11/22/63 and it’s heartbreaking. So fucking depressing, yet so good. Highly recommended. Right now I’m reading Michael Crichton and Richard Preston’s Micro. All I’m going to say about this is holy shit. I tend to not read the inside of jackets on books by authors that I know I love. This book gets CRAZY about 100 pages in.

What I’m Watching: Finally tried out Once Upon a Time and Grimm this week, starting with their pilots. Once is okay, but I’m not really sold on it yet. I’ve only watched the first episode though. Grimm on the other hand, I’m hooked. I watched the pilot last night and immediately had to watch the second episode. It’s a perfect mix of horror and dark humor that I love. One of the supporting characters has me constantly laughing, and that’s hard to do.


What I’m playing: I have the same admission as Courtney. I haven’t played much Skyrim recently. I’m still waiting for the 1.3 patch to hit Xbox…which it very well may have in the last week. I don’t even think I’ve turned my Xbox on, to be honest. All my spare time has been consumed by…

What I’m reading: Still tearing my way through A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m down to the last couple chapters of A Game of Thrones, and I’m pretty pumped up to start A Clash of Kings later tonight. All I’m really gonna say is that if you’re sick, and you’re robotrippin’ your balls off, and you decide to read this shit before you go to bed, you will have the craziest, most awesome dreams ever.

try thinking about weirwoods while you're hallucinating uncontrollably

What I’m watching: My television watching has dwindled down to nearly nothing these days. I also haven’t had a chance to watch very many movies. However, I did happen to catch Assassin’s Creed: Lineage this past weekend. I was amazed at just how much I enjoyed it. The short film is a prequel to Assassin’s Creed II, focusing on the life of Giovanni Auditore da Firenze and the events that led to his capture and execution. The entire cast of the film are the same actors used for the game, which is a really cool added touch. Assassin’s Creed II was my favorite entry in the series, so expanding that story a little further was a lot of fun for me.

Oh, and right now Gattaca is on in the background. I totally forgot how fucking depressing this movie is. Jude Law is the handsomest man who’s ever lived, and it breaks my heart to watch him die.