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League of Legends for Mac Client Officially Broken UPDATED

// *UPDATE*:A new client has been designed by the same team, and is currently in open beta. Details here. //
As of about 4 AM yesterday morning, with the release of the Sejuani Patch, reports started coming in on the North American League of Legends community forum of the Mac client provided by Boompje free of charge, no longer worked. Well, that’s not entirely accurate, it worked up until you actually got to the loading screen of a game. So you could log in, give Riot money for points, buy the new champion, start a game, and then it’s like you left a match. Who knows how many mac users got penalized by the tribunal for leaving.

I received this email earlier today from the design team, this email went out to everybody that is signed up on the forums.

Fellow Mac user,

It seems that the Mac client does not work at all anymore. The problem is too complex to solve, hence we consider it broken from this moment.

We will try to create a new Mac client, using other technologies like the ACE-client and/or Wine ports.

Note that this means that it won’t be possible to play with your Mac OS X for a while; expect at least a week.

With kind regards,

– LoL on Mac Team

Riot Games would not respond to emails about the incident, and why the are not working with someone that is giving up his time for free to make this happen. Especially since they don’t seem interested in providing a Mac client themselves.

So I guess it’s back to running VMWare Fusion again for me.

The LoL for Mac team has had another client in the works and in super secret beta for a few months now. It’s called iLOL and it was also shut down because of the same problem. There’s a lot of technical stuff I don’t understand.

Your best bet right now is to just install a bootcamp partition, or run VMWare Fusion or Parallels. I’ve been using VMware Fusion with Windows 7 and it’s been working great on my late 2010 iMac.

Here’s my set up
21.5″ iMac Late 2010 (they released new ones like 2 months after I bought mine gaaaaah)
3.06 Ghz Intel Core i3
ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB
Running OSX Lion