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Ziggs Patch Notes and Champion Spotlight

The Ziggs Patch Notes and Champion Spotlight just appeared. Hopefully with the patch coming in the next day. Read on for the full details and thoughts.

The Ziggs Patch Notes and Champion Spotlight just appeared, including the following updates. There was a temporary set back due to a major glitch that luckily they found. Ziggs looks like a lot of fun and I’ll be picking up for a review as soon as he’s available. All of these new skill based champs make me happy. As for the patch notes, I’m pretty excited about the Viktor buffs to his ability cast speeds, since that was a major downer on his Q and his W. I’ve misplaced a gravity field way too many times due to it not activating fast enough. His Q’s speed has been increased so that you’ll get that shield even faster. Viktor might actually start to be a viable champion.

The teased Pulsefire Ezreal skin has yet to be released, though there’s a new Poppy skin, I guess someone is excited about that?

In addition to Ziggs we also get some new support items and one that has been re-designed. A lot of support players are really excited about them. The nerf to Will of the Ancients is depressing, but it’s only
The new additions to the Co-op Vs AI mode is pretty amazing and will hopefully make playing bot games more than just target practice.

Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert Champion Spotlight

New Skins in the Store

Major Ziggs
Mad Scientist Ziggs
Scarlet Hammer Poppy v1.53
Co-op versus AI aka “Rise of the Bot Army”
You can now queue to play against a much wider roster of Champions in Co-op versus AI
Beginner and Intermediate queues are now available for Dominion in addition to Summoners Rift
The 3-game per day rewards limitation for Level 30 Summoners has been removed
The flat IP penalty for Co-op versus AI games has been removed. You will now earn IP at the following rates (as a percentage of the normal rate):
Summoner level 1-9
Beginner: 100%
Intermediate: 100%
Summoner level 10-19
Beginner: 85% (was 75%)
Intermediate: 100%
Summoner level 20-29
Beginner: 70% (was 50%)
Intermediate: 90% (was 100%)
Summoner level 30
Beginner: 55% (was 25%)
Intermediate: 80% (was 75%)
View more information on the expanded Co-op vs. AI game mode, including a full roster of bots!
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Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert

Short Fuse (Passive) – Every 12 seconds Ziggs’ next basic attack deals bonus magic damage. This cooldown is reduced whenever Ziggs uses an ability.
Bouncing Bomb – Ziggs throws a bouncing bomb that deals magic damage.
Satchel Charge – Ziggs flings an explosive charge that detonates after 4 seconds, or when this ability is activated again. The explosion deals magic damage to enemies, knocking them away. Ziggs is also knocked away, but takes no damage.
Hexplosive Minefield – Ziggs scatters proximity mines that detonate on enemy contact, dealing magic damage and slowing.
Mega Inferno Bomb (Ultimate) – Ziggs deploys his ultimate creation, the Mega Inferno Bomb, hurling it an enormous distance. Enemies in the primary blast zone take more damage than those further away.

Fixed a bug where Triumphant Roar was not granting assists

Fixed a bug where Despair was dealing less damage with Ability Power than intended

Base health increased to 474 from 438
Base armor increased to 14.9 from 12.7
Mana per level increased to 35 from 27
Volley cooldown reduced to 16/13/10/7/4 from 20/16/12/8/4
Enchanted Crystal Arrow now grants vision while in flight.

Fixed a bug where Headshot did not trigger while Taunted or Silenced

Fixed a bug where Feast would fail to kill shielded targets

Trueshot Barrage now grants vision while in flight.
Fixed a bug where Ezreal would lose his run animation after 390 movement speed

Fixed a bug where Barrel Roll immediately detonated when Gragas died

Fixed a bug where his turrets would not be demolished when he died if the turret was being teleported to (by Summoner Teleport)

Jarvan IV
Fixed a bug where Cataclysm immediately crumbled when Jarvan IV died

Mana regen per level increased to 0.7 per 5 seconds from 0.45
Fixed a bug where Empower’s cooldown was higher than stated at earlier ranks
Counter Strike
Dodge duration increased to 2 seconds from 1.5
Now additionally reduces the damage from area of effect abilities by 25% while Jax is dodging
Now can be activated again after 1 second to end the effect early
Damage adjusted to 50/75/100/125/150 (+0.5 bonus attack damage) from 40/70/100/130/160 (+0.8 bonus attack damage)
Now deals 20% increased damage for each attack dodged (up to a maximum of 100% increased damage) instead of 10/15/20/25/30 bonus damage per dodge
Cooldown reduced to 18/16/14/12/10 seconds from 22/20/18/16/14
Grandmaster’s Might duration increased to 8 seconds from 6

Lee Sin
Flurry attack speed bonus reduced to 40% from 50%
Sonic Wave missing health damage reduced to 8% from 10%

Soul Shackles ability power ratio reduced to .7 from .8
Fixed a bug where Soul Shackles would sometimes fizzle

Master Yi
Fixed a bug where Meditate’s ability power ratio was shown as lower than it actually was

Fixed a bug where Absolute Zero’s slow did not grant assists

Minor tweak to Rammus’ dance to actually rotate around his center axis when on his back

Fixed a bug where Glacial Prison did not detonate if Sejuani died

Boomerang Blade
Damage reduced to 60/105/150/195/240 from 70/115/160/205/250
Bonus attack damage ratio reduced to 1.0 from 1.1
On The Hunt
Movement speed bonus reduced to 20% from 25%
Duration reduced to 10 from 15

Fixed a bug where Power Chord did not trigger while Taunted or Silenced

Fixed a bug where Swain had reduced mana regeneration while in Raven form

Power Transfer missile speed increased to 2000 from 1400
Gravity Field activation time reduced to 0.25 seconds from 0.5
Fixed a bug where Chaos Storm’s tooltip stated that it dealt less damage than it actually did

Emblem of Valor (remake)
Cloth armor
Rejuvenation Bead
+25 armor
Unique Aura: Nearby allied champions gain 10 health regen per 5 seconds

Locket of the Iron Solari (new)
Emblem of Valor
Heart of Gold
+300 health
+35 armor
Unique Aura: Nearby allied champions gain 15 health regen per 5 seconds
Unique Active: Shield yourself and nearby allies for 5 seconds, absorbing up to 50 (+10 per level) damage (60 second cooldown)

Stark’s Fervor has been changed and renamed to Zeke’s Herald
Vampiric Scepter
Kindle Gem
+250 health
Unique Passive: +15% Cooldown Reduction
UNIQUE Aura: Grants nearby allied champions 12% Life Steal, 20% Attack Speed
Will of the Ancients spell vamp reduced to 20% from 25%

Deadliness changed to 0.5 Attack Damage per level (9 Attack Damage at champion level 18) at 4 points from 4% Critical Strike Chance


Added a new option, “Show Smartcast Ranges”
Spectator mode will now indicate if a Champion is at very low health on the side bars to draw attention to the area
Fixed a bug where the Demolitionist mastery sometimes interfered with character global passives
Heal over time effects now show as health regen per 5 rather than discreet heals
Summoner’s Rift (Winter)
Removed holiday decorations
Fixed prop visibility/collision issues in bases
Fixed particle glitching in river areas
Changed lighting and terrain to improve visual clarity