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Nautilus Sneak Peek Details From Xypherous

Someone on the LoL General Discussion forum asked about what the next champ could be. A hint: It’s not a support. Hear that? That’s the sound of disapproval from all the support QQ’ers. BUT Xyph did say that you would have a support “much sooner” than July. That out of the way, these are some of the details that head designer on the champ Xypherous had to say.(His text bold)

Currently codenamed Nautilus

He might be a tank.
Another CC focused tank, which I think is a lot more enjoyable than the “I can take all of your hits.” Kind of tank. I expect a lot of skills to get carries out of positioning, or keeping them from positioning.
His core kit is closer to Amumu and Leona. I will toss things until I hit you with my primary initiate/moveblock and then hold you there by various means until my allies catch up and beat you to death.
Root 1
Minor Root 2 / Pull
Minor Knockup / Major Stun”

He will also have a shield effect defensive steroid.

He may have a tidal spout type ability.
This tidal spout may chase you.
And explode things along the way.

We know so far:
W:HP Scaling Shield
R:Homing tidal burst that travels up to a maximum amount of time towards a target/until it hits the target. blows up things it hits along the way, blows up and slows on impact of actual target.

His Q is halfway between Amumu and Blitzcrank, but based on the range it will feel more like one or the other. Since it has a minimum drag distance for the opponent, up close, you can reset an enemy’s position if they escape. Far away though, you’ll move much farther to them.

It has the added dimensionality of interacting with terrain, which means his gameplay is much more straightforward – he’s not going to ambush you from behind a wall – because he can’t shoot through the wall. He’s going to come rushing out and attempting to hook you or aim it so that he can hit guaranteed terrain behind you.

His passive gives him a heavy incentive to switch targets in a fight – and his shield, if used in the right time in a fight, will add heavy DPS incentives if he’s ignored. His initiation is more reliable but less controlled – so, a quick hookshot into an ultimate can ambush unwary foes. There’s some interesting play patterns here. His overall theme is delayed but powerful effects.

A lot of the challenge of this guy was properly conveying the heft, size, and power that he looks like he has – which meant trying to find delayed effects that also feel gratifying and powerful.
He might wield an anchor.

There’s a definite nautical theme going on here. He’s not a pirate though, just a sailor that’s been lost for a long time. Although the weirdest question/answer on the whole thread is this “Is he going to be more of a monster champ like nasus or renekton or human?” and his answer is “Strangely neither yes or no.”

Also No. Tiny octopus riding around on a Nexus Crystal was unfortunately shot down in concepting. Well, I’m officially NOT INTERESTED.
“His ultimate is… more of a linear AoE – and it punishes the primary target much harder than secondary ones.” Probably a thrown anchor?

“He might be slow. He might have a hookshot to compensate.”

The hookshot will be his Q and will pull enemies to him meeting somewhere in the middle, or him to terrain.
“In that, he starts to pull you to him… and simultaneously rams you as you fly towards him.

If we could have ‘on the ground animation’ – I would’ve pushed for a clothesline style animation.”

I guess we’ll get all the answers near the end of next week during the champion spotlight. We’ll keep you updated.

*Update*: Literally a few hours after posting this article Riot posted this on their blog

Any sailor worth his salt will let you know that the world’s greatest mysteries lie at the bottom of the ocean. Of course, they’ll also probably tell you that those who aren’t careful find themselves caught between the devil and the deep blue sea!

Take for instance, Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths. You’ll find no better expert on the things that lurk in Davey Jones’ Locker.

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