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iLoL Finally Released for Mac from the LoL on Mac Team

A month or so of not being able to play League of Legends natively in OSX is finally over. Boompje and the LoL on Mac Team released iLoL into the wild yesterday. Download it here! It is still in open beta so don’t expect miracles.

There do seem to be some FPS issues that they are working on at the moment. So if you’re playing fine and about 20 minutes in your framerate drops to unplayable levels, they know about it, and are fixing it. SMCFancontrol might help when set to the highest settings.
In the announcement email we are warned to play a custom game after each patch just to make sure it still works and you don’t get reported as a leaver. I’m about to install it and have a go and see how things work for me. Have fun and I hope to see you on the fields of justice.

*Update* 2/9/2012 : Got it installed, started a custom game to test it out. The FPS drop issue is a huge one. Started the game great at about 60FPS with most settings on High, low shadows. After 15 minutes I was at about 40-45FPS, 20 minutes I started to drop to 20-25FPS which for me is completely unplayable. Until that problem gets fixed I guess I’m stuck with my VMWare set up, where I get 60-80 FPS continuously.

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