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iLoL FPS Issue Official Update

So it seems the FPS drop issue that iLoL users were experiencing isn’t an issue with the LoL on Mac Team’s part, but on Riot’s game engine. The official word from the forum:

Greetings Summoners

I have new information regarding the FPS issue to share.

As we all know when you start a game you should experience a better fps and game experience. Depending on your system and settings this could range from 30 – 60+ fps. Depending on you system there will be a noticeable drop in fps but still playable up until 15-25 minute mark. At this point your fps should drop by steadily by 3-10 per 5 minutes again your personal experience may vary. If the game lasts long enough fps will make it’s way down to 0-1.

What is happening the memory leak is progressively taking more memory space and cpu time that eventually crowds out the active game processes. We have found where the issue is originated from. The issue is due to a issue on Riot’s updating it’s game engine. This is causing some Windows users FPS issues, but the issue on iLoL is much worse.

What does this all mean?

We cannot fix the FPS issue, only Riot can. There probably will be no fix by us.

What are your options?

There is a variety of options at this point…
– Being patient, waiting for Riot to fix this issue and continuing to end game and reconnect. This can be done fairly easily, warn your teammates though. Some people have reported they need to close the client entirely before relogging. I personally only need to end the game and reconnect. This closes all the wine process created by the game and restarts them. This should reset your fps and you’ll have another 20+ish minutes before fps will drop again.
-Run Bootcamp/VMWARE programs. This can allow you to play LoL bug free.
-Play Dominion – we believe it does not experience this fps issue

Update: PBE is no longer a valid option, due to Riot updating PBE to its latest patch, you WILL get FPS issues on PBE.

What you should not do:
-Spam us with ETA posts. Go spam Riot if you wanna troll.

We will be able to get information from Riot Employee’s. So continue to follow this thread:



So there you have it, go spam Riot’s General Discussion forum if you want it fixed. I guess I’ll be stuck in VMWare until it’s solved. I was really, really excited about iLoL too. This also means no recorded tutorials or anything from us until it’s resolved since I can’t run Screenflow AND VMWare at the same time. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments.