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It’s Finally Here and It’s Awesome! Pacific Rim Trailer!

Just….watch. Then we’ll talk.

Okay, you back? Sooooo yeah, that was some giant monsters, we call ’em Kaiju, attacking Earth, through a fucking dimensional rift in the Pacific Ocean. Humanity’s first option of course is “We need giant fucking robots!”, going out on a limb here and some Japanese politicians were like “Fuck yes we’ve been preparing for this our entire lives!”. That UN meeting went
All in favor of building giant robots to combat these giant monsters say Aye!

Also, GLaD0S! and fucking rocket punches! This movie is going to be amazing, and make every other giant robot/monster movie look like garbage.

There’s a bunch of other PacRim stuff I need to post and I’ll be getting on that. I can’t contain how excited I, and everyone else here at CT are about this movie.