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Critical Look: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Player’s Handbook

Critical Hits: More time spent learning about races, classes and all of the interesting stuff in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Only a few pages dedicated to the hard rules of combat. Nine races, 12 core classes with numerous archetypes, schools, domains and gods give players plenty of options.  Critical Misses: Fifty dollar price […]

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Critical Look: Godzilla (2014)

Critical Hits:Excellently produced action sequences where Godzilla proves why he’s King of the Monsters. The re-imagining of Godzilla’s origin not as an accidental spawn of human error, but as a primordial beast is interesting and provides a reason for him to fight the MUTO. The MUTO creature designs are amazing, and three monsters are always better […]

Dungeons & Dragons Featured Gaming Reviews TableTop RPGs

Critical Look: Dungeons and Dragons 5E Starter Set

Critical Hits: Excellent adventure book with lots of awesome encounters and story points for the pregenerated characters. Quick and easy rulebook that’s easy to understand for new players.   Critical Misses: Just not enough included with the set compared to the 4th edition box. Adventure doesn’t tie into the Tyranny of Dragons campaign products.   […]

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Marvel’s Captain America Winter Soldier Trailer #2

  I’ve been excited about this movie since I heard they were bringing in The Winter Soldier. This blows the first trailer away and we get to see even more action of Cap, Winter Soldier and Falcon. With the first news of Falcon being in the film I was concerned what they would do with […]

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New Information on Leaked New Champion: Vel’Koz

Back in mid January the online LoL community went a little nuts over a some leaked screenshots concerning a new champion, Vel’Koz. The following content was shared on reddit, RoG and of course Riot’s official forum.   Lots of theories were thrown around about Kassadin’s daughter, how it’s a void creature and how the above […]

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No Video Game Country for Old Men

I noticed something funny yesterday. I signed into Xbox Live like I normally do, but about 2/3 of my friends list was signed in as well. Over the last 2-3 years, I can’t ever remember seeing more than three or four friends online at any given time. I went to see what everyone was doing. […]

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Popstar Ahri Skin Revealed

**UPDATE** Reign of Gaming got a video up last night as soon as the PBE went live. Hot on the heels of K-pop superstars Girls’ Generation winning the Youtube Music Awards Video of the Year Award Riot announced and revealed the Popstar Ahri skin. Popstar Ahri’s record smashing single, “Charm’d” shot up the charts and […]

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League of Legends Patch 3.13 Champion Changes

This patch shows major updates Heimerdinger, including a full rework of his abilities, plus many balance changes to kits from Ahri to Zed. Major Champion Changes Aatrox Summary: Blood Well’s passive attack speed bonus now scales with character level (lower at earlier levels, higher at max level). Blades of Torment’s damage has been reduced (equal […]

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Tuesday Trailer of the Day – X-Men: Days of Future Past

Fox has just released the full trailer for Bryan Singer’s time travel cast mash-up Days of Future Past. I will withhold judgement until I see the full movie, but considering how bad I thought First Class was the forecast looks grim. The addition of Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games) and Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) to […]

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New League of Legends Cinematic: Get Jinxed! Music Video

Riot continues to amaze with their videos. They first wowed me a few months ago with the A Twist of Fate cinematic. Then during the World Championship they released the Road to the Cup, giving the players the characteristics of their top champions in an epic battle for the World Cup. Now not only did […]