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This Week @ Work 11-11-11

Happy Skyrim/MW3 weekend True Believers! Here’s an update on what the staff has been up to this week.

CL Varner
What I’m Playing:
Finished up Dead Space Monday and started up Dead Space 2 immediately after. Haven’t really gotten deep into it yet but I’m liking it. My only gripe is with the weird child necromorphs. That’s really only because I hate the use of children in horror culture for cheap shocks. Otherwise it’s pretty solid and way prettier than the first. My favorite thing about the first, being a design geek, is the UI design, which has been greatly improved in this installment.
Also finally decided to run Windows in a virtual machine so I can play League of Legends, although my internet connection isn’t the greatest, I think I’ll be able to get some time in.

What I’m Reading:
This week I read Damned by Chuck Palahniuk, which didn’t let me down. In the comic front I started reading Invincible, currently on issue 25, I can’t believe I put this comic off for so long. It seems like a really easily made parody at first, but then it really comes into it’s own and you start to see how well created the characters are.
I’m a little behind on last week’s comics, catching up this weekend though.
What I’m Watching:
Conan: The Barbarian is the only thing of note that I watched this week. Other than my Alien Nation phase I went through for a few nights. I really do love that show and I wish someone would do something new with it. There’s so much material there already. Make this happen, Hollywood!

What I’m Playing:
I knocked out the campaign in Arkham Asylum, and have been tinkering with the challenge maps a little bit. I was on the fence about Skyrim, because I generally wind up getting bored by games like that. I’ll probably wind up picking it up just to see how I like it. I’ve got Drake’s Fortune and Among Thieves sitting next to my PS3, since I need to use it for more than watching Blu Rays. This is me working my way up to eventually playing Uncharted 3. Oh yeah, and on 11/15, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations hits the shelves. This is one of the rare titles I’ve preordered and paid in full. Me and Ezio are gonna be knee-deep in Templar blood come Tuesday.

What I’m Reading:
I haven’t had time to tackle my “to read” book pile this week. I didn’t even really have time to read any comics. I did read the Prelude to Schism trade. Truth be told, it was kinda lame. Everyone has told me that Schism is the shit, so we’ll see. I also found myself in the possession of that fucking ridiculous Vampire Jubilee trade, Curse of the Mutants. My friends have assured me it’s “not that bad”. I think I’m worried that I’ll actually enjoy it and loathe myself for it.

It really, really seems like those worries are going to be unfounded, though.

What I’m Watching:
All I really have on my agenda is to finish watching the three discs worth of bonus features on the Star Wars: The Complete Saga set. I already powered through all six films, which looked great. The contents of those films, well… This probably isn’t the place to get into it. I’m jonesing to go see A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. With the three-day weekend, maybe I can convince some of my buddies to check it out. Pre-gaming will obviously be a must. I’ll try to balance my drunkenness between my Captain America viewing (wanting to assault minorities with a trash can lid, FOR AMERICA!) and my Conan experience (buzz wore off halfway through, hungover IN 3D!).