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This Week at Work 11-18-11

I was half tempted to just type the word “Skyrim” and hit publish, but who knows? Maybe we’re going to run into a freaking Wisp Mother that one-shots us like 12 times, to the point where we get so upset that we decide to go read a book or watch some TV before we throw a controller out the window.

Er…not that anybody on the staff has actually had that experience or anything…

What I’m Playing:
Okay, I admit it. That was me. I got owned by the Wisp Mother. Hard. You know what the best part was? I finally killed her with my epic hit and run tactics. I’m continuing down the path I was on and suddenly run into a fucking campsite full of giants. It was a mountain path. There was no way around them. I had to go through them to get to where I needed to be. I swear I almost started to cry. It’s just extra humiliating to have a giant kill you with that club smash that launches you 50 feet in the air.

Oh, and in between Skyrim runs, I’m still working my way through Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. It’s slowly picking up the pace, and I’m even starting to get the hang of the hook-blade that I was so adamantly against. That doesn’t make it any less awkward or my carpal tunnel any less inflamed. It just means I’m content to give myself carpal tunnel in exchange for judo-throwing Templars.

What I’m Reading:
I’m going to have to be honest. I haven’t had much time for reading, what with all the time I’ve spent getting raped by giants. Feel free to take a moment to soak up that mental image. You’re welcome. I do have a couple trades that I haven’t read yet. I have a feeling I’ll probably get to another Skyrim breaking point sometime over the weekend and realize it would be in my best interest to set the controller down for a bit. I need to finish the Joss Whedon Astonishing X-Men run, actually. Knowing what a dickhead he is about these things, I’m half-guessing that he’s going to resurrect Jean Grey just so he can kill her again and infuriate me even more.

To be fair, it can't be worse than this. I hate you so much, Grant Morrison. You ruined the X-Men.

What I’m Watching:
I checked out the first episode of Your Dungeon My Dragon. I had high hopes, because Code Monkeys was about the greatest thing ever. I’ll give Adam de la Pena the benefit of the doubt since this is the pilot episode, but it fell a little flat. I’ll stick it out for at least another episode, but the pilot didn’t quite bring the funny I was expecting.

I have no explicit plans to watch anything else. I just browsed through my Netflix instant cue to see if anything grabbed my attention. I may keep working my way through the old X-Men animated series. Every time I sit down and go through a few episodes, I’m always surprised at how well it holds up. I know I’m about to get into the Age of Apocalypse stuff though, which scares me. I always hated that whole storyline. Not even Joe Madureira’s awesome artwork could sway the teenage me into liking it.

CL Varner
What I’m Playing
Skyrim mostly. Picked it up on Monday and have spent pretty much all free time playing it. I feel really bad about dropping Dead Space 2, I really do. Like Jared I’m sure I’m going to hit a point where I’m going to throw the controller and take a break and play something else, except whenever I get stuck on a quest I end up just roaming around the countryside picking flowers and killing stuff. Currently enrolled at the College of Winterhold. I wish my school had field trips like that when we were kids, wow.
Aside from Skyrim I’ve been trying to play some League of Legends whenever possible. On the North American server, my summoner name is Vorthr if you want to add me.

What I’m Reading
Pretty much caught up on Invincible, only about 4 issues left. What a roller coaster that has been. Robert Kirkman has become the George RR Martin of comic books in my head. Seriously Kirkman, stop killing people!

What I’m Watching
Nothing at all this week. Seriously, all of my screen time has gone to video games this week. I am a sad, sad man.