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XBOX Live Arcade review: What time is it? Burger Time!

One of the best arcade games from the eighties was Burger Time. It was as fast paced as Pac-man, but had platform levels Like Donkey Kong. There was some satisfaction to the idea of trapping your enemies in a giant hamburger. It was colorful and the music was an instant classic. On November 2nd 2011, XBOX live added a new version of the 1982 Data East arcade game named called Burger Time World Tour. This time, it is Konami and MonkeyPaw Games developing the reimagined arcade classic.
The game plays much like the original. A burger chef scrambles up ladders and runs across platforms to complete delicious hamburgers, while being pursued by anthropomorphic hot dogs, fried eggs, and pickles. The character must run across the ingredients, knocking them down to next platform and taking down baddies as they fall. You can stun the enemies with pepper to keep them in place as you commit murder with a deadly patty. Once all the ingredients are on the same level as the bottom bun, the stage is over. This sounds pretty much like the original, but there are some interesting upgrades to this new incarnation. The levels are now wrapped around a large column. The camera is focused on the player while the levels rotate. The platforms and ladders also have new functions like breaking away, flipping, and simply moving around. There is also a throw function in addition to the pepper assault. (pun intended!) The 3D effect does not distract from the classic action as the character runs and climbs. It more or less gives the effect of old arcade games, where the character exits one side of the screen to appear on the other. There are 40 levels of increasing difficulty, and cut scenes to explain story and new enemies. The soundtrack also very reminiscent of the original, and gives the game some nostalgia points.

I like that they added “World Tour” to the title. It reminds me of Rampage World tour, which was also an excellent remake of a classic eighties arcade game. Although this game was not made by the same company, it sort of gives this new Burger Time some creditability by association. I also like that you can play the game as your avatar. My avatar is currently dressed as Boba Fett, so it was lots of fun to watch the surly Mandalorian pacing around in such a silly situation. I put this up there with Rampage World Tour, Pac-Man CE, and Galaga Legion DX as one of the best efforts so far to bring a classic back and modernize it. It’s still pleasantly frustrating to play, and an excellent deal at only ten dollars. (800 Microsoft points)