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Critical Review: Justice League #4

Justice League issue 4 reviewed. Aquaman continues to prove his badass self, Cyborg is a crybaby.

Geoff Johns is quickly becoming my favorite comic writer. Don’t worry Bendis, you’re still up there. The fourth issue of DC’s New 52 Justice League continues to cement his place as one of the greats. The way he handles humor and the group dynamics of a team of super heroes meeting for the first time against a threat to Earth is fantastic. Jim Lee’s art never disappoints and he has really gotten better since the tawdry 90’s. By the end of this issue we get the full Justice League assembled and find out who their first fight is going to be with. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with “Dark” and ends in “seid”. Johns must really love Aquaman and think that he has not gotten the treatment he deserves over the years, as I’ve stated before. That continues to shine here as Green Lantern does his usual “free man” routine. Apparently being the king of Atlantis isn’t enough proof for Green Lantern that Aquaman might be a decent leader, so Aquaman continues to school some motherfuckers.

The pages following this firmly solidify Aquaman as a complete badass.

Besides the threat of the weird monsters controlled by Darkseid the book also deals with the creation of Cyborg and his father. After an explosion at STAR Labs, high school football hero Viktor Stone is saved by his father by being turned into a Cyborg. Which, by the way, is the laziest superhero name ever. But hey, not like you can just rename a character that has been around as long as he has. It’s interesting to see the strained relationship between father and son play out and then when the father does everything in his power to save him, he’s still the bad guy. Teenagers, I swear. He gave you a giant arm cannon! Show some gratitude.

Seriously, kids these days, never satisfied.

I was really wondering when this series was going to really jump off and get going. The first few issues were a lot of backstory and although we got to see some action it didn’t feel like it was really going anywhere. Now that the villain has been shown and the League has been thrown together I can’t wait for the next issue. Get into this series now if you haven’t already.