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Scott Snyder Talks the Court of Owls

CBR’s The Bat Signal has an awesome interview with Scott Snyder about Batman and the history of the Court of Owls story arc that’s running through the current Batman title.

Some choice bits.

I don’t want to give away where the story is going. It is eleven issues, and we’re only three in! [Laughs] But there’s a lot of stuff coming, I promise. It’s going to expand issue to issue and become pretty big. And really, in issue #4 we’re going to go back and see why Bruce is so deeply opposed to believing in the Court of Owls and why Bruce is so opposed to believing in them. You’ll get to see stuff form his childhood and a secret history even as we’re expanding on the Court of Owls in the present. And when we get to issue #5, honestly that’s my favorite Batman issue I’ve ever written. It does blow things out to a whole new level. You’ll learn more about who the Court is and how deeply rooted in Gotham they are – and how powerful and deadly they are to Batman. I don’t want to give it away, but once you get to issues #4 and 5, you’ll see the scope of the story we’re trying to tell.

On the Court of Owls and how they see Batman:

The story we’re telling is one of Batman as Bruce Wayne deciding that he’s going to take an active part in shaping Gotham – architecturally, politically and all of that – and announcing it in the first issue, saying “I’m building new buildings pro bono and making Gotham a better place not as a superhero but as a man.” And the blowback for that comes from the Court of Owls not just at Batman but at Bruce. It’s his name on their wall. Batman is initially a non-issue for them. And for reasons that will become clear later on, Bruce Wayne is a big target for them. Batman might become a big target as well, but the idea is to teach Bruce a lesson as a person and not as Batman. It says, “Bruce Wayne, you think you may be a part of Gotham, and because of who your family is, you lay a claim to it. We’re going to teach you that you know nothing about the city and that your family has never known anything about the city. It belongs to something that thinks your family is a joke, and finally after all these years we’ve decided to flick this family off the map.” So it’s more a story about Bruce Wayne and how his history is at odds with these people. Batman is just a fun toy for them. They don’t see him as important whatsoever. Basically, if they ever caught Batman they wouldn’t even unmask him. They’d just brush him aside.

Issue 4 of Batman is on sale now.