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New Trailer Roundup

GI Joe: Retaliation

As much as I think we’d all like to forget about the first attempt at a GI Joe movie, this has the Rock and Bruce Willis in it. Also Cobra flags being hung from the White House, a life long dream of my own.

Men in Black 3

In case you missed it in yesterday’s movie news. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles as Agents J and K respectively. Pretty stoked about this because I’m a tool.

From the VGA’s we have these shining droplets of joy:

Transformers:Fall of Cybertron

All I have to say about this trailer is Fuck yeah old school Bumblebee! and Grimlock smash!

Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance

This just looks like stupid fun. Not really excited about it though.


Agent 47 returns, and he seems a little pissed off this time.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Promises have been made about this being open-world like Spider-Man 2, if that is true, then this may be the Spider-Man game we’ve been waiting for.

Oh and maybe you have heard of this Diablo 3 thing? It seems like a big deal.

That opening is gorgeous, like most of the stuff Blizzard does.

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