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Why Would DC Give Liefeld Three More Books?

In a stroke of madness, DC Comics is giving Rob Liefeld duties on 3 more books as his run of Hawk & Dove comes to a close with issue eight. He will be taking over pencilling and writing on Deathstroke, as well as plotting Grifter and Savage Hawkman. He talked with CBR about this change this week. How he is going to follow Tony Daniel, who is doing an amazing job on Detective Comics, with Hawkman is beyond me. I just don’t understand how he keeps getting work when he has no idea how anatomy works.
I was surprised until I read that it was Bob Harras who approached him about working on the other books. Harras is responsible for the 90’s X-Men boom, where Liefeld made a name for himself.

Cover of Hawk and Dove number 8. You can't show me your ass and chest at the same time, Dove!