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E3 2012 Live Blog: June 4th

11:35 AM: Reporter: “It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen Master Chief. How are you going to get fans to re-enlist?”

It makes me sad that this is the gaming world we live in, where sequels have to come out on a yearly basis. I said this before in regards to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. It is totally okay for a developer to take two years or more to work on a quality sequel. At some point, franchises like Call of Duty are going to hit that Guitar Hero bubble and fans are going to say “no more”.

11:51 AM: They’ve been showing Black Ops 2 gameplay for about 10 minutes now. By my esitmation, that means they’ve spoiled about 50% of the game’s single player campaign at this point.

12:01 PM: I’m so happy to be able to change the channel to G4 now. I hope that was the last I’ll have to see of Peter Molyneux this week.

12:26 PM: There’s still about half an hour until the EA conference. While everyone is showing off stuff we’ve already seen this morning, I’m still wondering about Xbox SmartGlass. I get the idea behind it, but it really seems like it’s more of a reactionary “fuck you” to Nintendo and the Wii-U than anything else. Well, it worked for sure. It certainly out Wii-U’d whatever Nintendo is going to try to do tomorrow – especially considering the technology isn’t proprietary, and can be used with Windows 8, iOS, and Android. The problem is that the Wii-U is going to fail for all the reasons the Wii was a smash hit. Two screens is not the future of gaming, just like two steering wheels isn’t the future of driving.

12:35 PM: Seriously, so far this has been the highlight of the show for me:

12:54 PM: It’s so weird seeing Adam Sessler on a channel other than G4. It’s also upsetting that Peter Molyneux is still on my television.


1:13 PM: Dead Space 3 is visually impressive, but it seems a lot more action-oriented than past titles. The drop in anytime co-op mode is a great idea, though. There’s not enough good co-op campaigning in games these days.

1:14 PM: Here comes Madden 13 – otherwise known as my cue to take a bathroom break.

1:18 PM: Back. And Michael Irvin is here. AND HIS SUIT ONLY HAS TWO BUTTONS! What is going on right now??? Oh, and Madden 13 not only syncs with your personal Twitter account, but has a virtual live Twitter feed during the career mode. I don’t think I’m drinking enough.

1:27 PM: First, announcements of two new SimCity games. Now, they’re pushing new Battlefield 3 subscription content. Apparently, EA is just going to showcase a bunch of shit that nobody cares about. I’m still holding out for a BioWare appearance – hopefully in a non-SWtOR capacity.

1:29 PM: Well, shit.

1:43 PM: I’m about to give up on this press conference. Medal of Battlefield 4: Modern Black Ops Warfighter isn’t holding anyone’s attention. Seriously, stop making these fucking games.

1:53 PM: UFC has a new partnership with EA. That makes sense, considering THQ is on its deathbed. I don’t know what it says about EA that Dana White has gotten a bigger reaction than anything else in this press conference so far. EA MMA was kind of a shitty game, though. Hopefully that gets worked out before the first EA UFC game gets released.

2:11 PM: EA’s presentation is over, and it was mediocre at best. I really do hate sounding so cynical and jaded, but it seems like everyone wants to play it safe at the end of this console generation. So far, we’ve seen Halo 4, Black Ops 2, Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and Crysis 3. These games, while all absolutely beautiful, are essentially interchangeable. They’re not just first person shooters. They’re not just sequels. They’re sequels to first person shooters that share several of the same game mechanics. At this point, I’m almost looking forward to Nintendo’s press conference tomorrow just to see something different.

I like the idea of Dead Space turning into a co-op action game, even though it sort of takes away from the truly frightening aspects of the first two games. I’m sure a lot of the core fanbase won’t be happy with that one.

EA Sports looks as strong as usual, with both Madden and FIFA making strong showings. Adding UFC to the EA Sports umbrella will only help.

Ubisoft is up at 3:00 PM, and I’m hoping they have more to share than the Splinter Cell stuff from earlier and Assassin’s Creed III. While I’m waiting for that to start, I’m hoping to see some footage of Dishonored and Star Wars: 1313.

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