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E3 2012 Live Blog: June 4th

2:41 PM: Everyone is gearing up for the Ubisoft conference. I know we’re going to see Assassin’s Creed III, and probably Just Dance and some Rayman stuff.

There’s some hinting that we might see something completely new, which would be a refreshing change of pace today. If we don’t get anything original, I’d be happy with a new Prince of Persia game. I know I’m probably the only person clamoring for this, but I really liked the PoP reboot from four years ago. It really sucked that they scrapped that design to release the unofficial movie tie-in. The game ended on such an awesome note, and I really want to go back to that world and find out what happens. I guess we’ll find out in about 20 minutes.

2:57 PM: I’m not kidding. This was so fucking amazing, and it’s easily in my top five favorite gaming moments of this console generation.

Now it’s Ubisoft time!


3:08 PM: Just Dance promo with a live performance with FloRida. There’s about 20 people in the crowd that are amped, and everyone else is just staring at the stage with dead, emotionless eyes. I’m not sure if this is the right demographic for a FloRida concert.

3:12 PM: Having Aisha Tyler host the event is a stroke of genius. I was really not looking forward to listening to silly French-Canadian accents for the next 90 minutes.

3:13 PM: Far Cry 3 demo, and…yup. That is straight up naked, un-blurred digital boobs all over my television. This is already the best press conference of the day.

3:27 PM: Avengers: Battle for Earth. Yes, please!

3:35 PM: The Rayman Wii-U game looks pretty fun, actually. Well, fun except for having to use the completely retarded Wii-U Gamepad. On a normal controller, I’d be all in.

3:44 PM: Assassin’s Creed III is going to be the shit. I want to scalp some motherfucking Templars! Please tell me I can scalp Templars.

3:50 PM: Oh my god, I just want to tomahawk someone in the face! It needs to be October already.

4:26 PM: Watch Dogs is the first new IP showcased today, and it looks pretty sweet. Thank you, Ubisoft, for having the courage to try something new. It honestly looks maybe a little too stealthy for my tastes, but it’s definitely stylish and very, very pretty.

Ubisoft has had the presentation of the day with all of this, by far. Between being the first third party to show off Wii-U titles, dedicating a good 15 minutes to Assassin’s Creed III, hyping up their online services, and dropping a new IP, the other publishers have a lot to live up to. I’m still holding onto the hope that Sony will have something awesome to announce, and I still need to see some fucking Star Wars: 1313 footage.

4:38 PM: Watch Dogs gameplay footage courtesy of Ubisoft. Judge for yourself:

5:14 PM: I’m exhausted, and thankfully we’re almost done for the day. Sony’s Playstation event is coming up at 6. The rumor is you might want to consider signing up for Playstation Plus pretty quickly here.


6:05 PM: So, every video game publisher’s marketing team must have told them “kids love dubstep” because there’s been a never-ending deluge of this shit all day. Still waiting for Sony’s opening video to make some kind of point, by the way.

6:09 PM: I’ll say this for Sony, they have some passionate fans. This is the most lively crowd of the day, even more so than Microsoft’s. Jack Tretton is shamelessly pandering to this audience, and they’re totally eating it up. He’s killing out there, while Aisha Tyler was telling some legitimately funny jokes that got absolutely no response. He’s even getting people to give Kaz Hirai a round of applause.

6:18 PM: Right off the bat, Sony delivers a brand new game from Quantic Dream called Beyond. I am beyond psyched! This is one of the most stunning looking games I’ve ever seen. Ellen Page as the choice for lead actress seems to be pretty damn good, because the few minutes we saw were fucking amazing.

6:30 PM: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale just doesn’t look like a winner. I mean, yeah, it’s a a Smash Bros. knock off, and that’s probably not the worst thing. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to shake that stigma. The one really cool thing though is the cross-play compatibility with the Vita. Sony needs to do a lot more with this feature if it wants to get people to shell out $300 on a Vita. Being able to play the same game, at the same time, on a PS3 and Vita simultaneously is actually a brilliant innovation. It’s just a shame that Sony always drops the ball on this shit.

6:33 PM: Jack Tretton is like Oprah up there, giving out free Playstation Plus memberships to everyone in the crowd. People are eating this shit up! It’s a shame he really just glossed over their streaming game service for PS Plus. Hopefully they touch on that a little more in a bit.

6:39 PM: Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation just announced for the Vita. It has cross-game functionality with the PS3 version of ACIII, and in a smart move, they’re doing a bundle release in October. Hopefully it won’t be more than $299.

6:53 PM: Wonderbook is met with confused, polite applause. CL Varner was right. I’m not nearly drunk enough for this.

7:01 PM: I love the disclaimer that the screen images are simulated, and the Wonderbook is sold separately from the Playstation Eye Camera and the Playstation Move. So you have to buy three different peripherals just to pretend to be Harry Potter. This fucking thing has the fail-stench of that Tony Hawk skateboard thing all over it.

7:16 PM: I know I’m a huge fanboy. I’ve admitted it. I don’t care. God of War: Ascension is fucking out of control awesome. YOU TEAR AN ELEPHANT’S BRAIN OUT!!!

7:18 PM: Looks like Sony is smartly closing out with The Last of Us. Let’s see if Naughty Dog can deliver.

7:25 PM: Oh shit! Yeah, they more than delivered. The Last of Us is the best in show, hands down.

7:42 PM: This is it for me for today. Sony had a very strong showing, and it’s all because they focused on the games. Yes, there was that puzzling stumble with the fucking Wonderbook. But otherwise, this was all really, really amazing shit. We get a new game from Quantic Dream which looks insane. We finally got to see gameplay from God of War, which was fucking crazy good. And then, good fucking god damn Naughty Dog tore the house down. The Last of Us is going to be so awesome. Plus, Sony is really trying hard to make that integration work with Vita and PS3. I’d give Sony an A- based solely on the strength of their upcoming games. I think that’s what Microsoft really forgot to do today, which is honestly the core of E3, was to focus on their games.

I’m out of here today, but I’ll be back tomorrow morning for Nintendo and the other news of the day.

7:56 PM: Just kidding. I came back because I figured I’d leave you all with this. See you tomorrow!