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Popstar Ahri Skin Revealed


Reign of Gaming got a video up last night as soon as the PBE went live.

Hot on the heels of K-pop superstars Girls’ Generation winning the Youtube Music Awards Video of the Year Award Riot announced and revealed the Popstar Ahri skin.


Popstar Ahri’s record smashing single, “Charm’d” shot up the charts and fueled global excitement for her upcoming Spirit Rush Tour. The newly minted star was recently snapped practicing fresh dance moves, and with her stage show rumored to include a dramatic entrance and exit, not to mention melodic new particles and a rhythmically-inclined Spirit Orb, Popstar Ahri’s sure to take the world by storm.
Catch the Spirit Rush Tour soon!

The PBE is currently unavailable and updating, so hopefully we will have some video to share in the next day or two.
Meanwhile, enjoy Girls’ Generation.