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New Information on Leaked New Champion: Vel’Koz

Back in mid January the online LoL community went a little nuts over a some leaked screenshots concerning a new champion, Vel’Koz. The following content was shared on reddit, RoG and of course Riot’s official forum.

vel'koz_screenshots vel'koz_abilitiescreatorviktor_splash_vel'koz


Lots of theories were thrown around about Kassadin’s daughter, how it’s a void creature and how the above splash art seems to show there will be a battle-cast skin.


Then, today, multiple videos showed up on reddit with “Vel’Koz invasions” from popular streamers, most importantly, Trick2G


And this


What does it mean!? Is this a video file that Riot is sending to streamers that they can use to help promote the newest champion to the League? Or are these being inserted randomly into people’s games? I’m pretty sure this is another amazing promotion from Riot.