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Critical Look: Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is possibly the first game of this year that within a few minutes of playing, I decided that it’s in my Best Games of 2015 list. The story grabs you from the first 5 minutes, the gameplay is solid and hits all of it’s marks to keep me coming back. […]

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Growing Up Geek: The Guardian Legend

The Nintendo Entertainment System, like many kids born in the early 80’s was my first home console. My mom, sister and I lived with my Great Uncle and Aunt who gifted it to my sister and I on a Christmas soon after the NES was released. Running through Super Mario Bros level 1-1 for the […]

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Destiny Unfulfilled: What Happened to Destiny’s Story?

I’ll have my Critical Look at Destiny done this week. A game like this really needs a certain amount of time commitment, and although I have put many hours into it, there’s still some stuff I haven’t done enough to truly give my thoughts. Beware of spoilers ahead in this article, since it is about […]

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Bungie Patches Loot Cave, Players Find a New One!

Within 24 hours of adjusting the spawn timers on most of Old Russia’s mob portals, users have located one that was not effected. The PVE spawn camping had gotten severely out of hand, to the point that the community was pretty upset over Bungie’s decision to nerf the spawn time from 6 seconds, to 40. […]

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No Video Game Country for Old Men

I noticed something funny yesterday. I signed into Xbox Live like I normally do, but about 2/3 of my friends list was signed in as well. Over the last 2-3 years, I can’t ever remember seeing more than three or four friends online at any given time. I went to see what everyone was doing. […]

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League of Legends Patch 3.13 Champion Changes

This patch shows major updates Heimerdinger, including a full rework of his abilities, plus many balance changes to kits from Ahri to Zed. Major Champion Changes Aatrox Summary: Blood Well’s passive attack speed bonus now scales with character level (lower at earlier levels, higher at max level). Blades of Torment’s damage has been reduced (equal […]

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New League of Legends Cinematic: Get Jinxed! Music Video

Riot continues to amaze with their videos. They first wowed me a few months ago with the A Twist of Fate cinematic. Then during the World Championship they released the Road to the Cup, giving the players the characteristics of their top champions in an epic battle for the World Cup. Now not only did […]

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Game Excitement: Dishonored

The upcoming game I’m most excited for, is easily Dishonored. It’s a mix of all of the things I enjoy, stealth, action, magic, sweet masks, all the best things in gaming. If you haven’t already, take a look at this gameplay trailer. Warning, it’s pretty bloody. Dishonored comes out October 9th on all platforms.

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E3 2012 Live Blog: June 5th

8:56 AM: I’m back for more. More importantly, I’m not hungover in the least. We’ve got Nintendo’s press conference coming up in about five minutes. As much as I would love to see Nintendo fall flat on its face right now, because that is hilarious to me, I actually hope they have something awesome for […]

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E3 2012 Live Blog: June 4th

We had lofty plans to visit E3 this year. Unfortunately, things fell through when life got in the way. However, since I already have the time off, I’ll be providing live coverage of the event from the convention floor via my television/couch. This is going to be an endurance test, as the show is set […]