Colbie Smulders Smolders as Maria Hill in the Avengers

Marvel has released some shots of Colbie Smoulders as SHIELD Agent Maria Hill in the upcoming Avengers movie. There’s just something about a woman in a Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division suit that just drives the boys crazy.

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Extended Avengers Superbowl Ad Released

I hate Captain America’s new costume. The original 1940’s one was bad ass. This looks like a kid’s $20 halloween costume. Also, “We have a Hulk.” More Scarlett Johansson please?

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Ends of the Earth Teaser Images Revealed

Marvel has finally released a pic of the Wallcrawler suiting up for his next big event “Ends of the Earth” penned by current Spidey wordsmith Dan Slott. The series kicks off in Amazing Spider-Man #682 as Doc Ock and the Sinister Six start their plans to take over the world. This was hinted at in […]