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The Best Horror Podcasts To Listen to This October

I’m not usually a list person, but Halloween is a great time to help people find the spoooooookiest things to listen to, watch and read! So here’s my favorite horrific podcasts in no particular order.   With stories culled from r/nosleep¬†¬†with excellent voice acting and audio production, the No Sleep Podcast has to be on […]

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Friday Night at the Movies // The Woman

This week’s movie review is the controversial film by Lucky Mckee The Woman. I first heard about this film during the whole Sundance uproar. Unless you don’t feel like following the link, here’s some guy saying it should be confiscated and not shown to anyone. Apparently a woman passed out during it, and this guy […]

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Friday Night at the Movies // The Shrine

This week’s movie review is the 2010 horror flick The Shrine. It’s currently available on Netflix Instant Watch which is where I found it. It was in my list of “recommended” films because of my interest in The Last Exorcist and a few other horror movies. Here’s the trailer. You now know more than I […]