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Extended Avengers Superbowl Ad Released

I hate Captain America’s new costume. The original 1940’s one was bad ass. This looks like a kid’s $20 halloween costume. Also, “We have a Hulk.” More Scarlett Johansson please?

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Growing Up Geek: Remembering Marvel Trading Cards of the 90’s

In our first installment of our nostalgia articles CL Varner takes a look at Marvel’s Masterpieces and Spider-Man trading cards of the 1990’s. Head on in for more Chromium and hologram action than you can believe.

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Critical Review: Marvel’s New Incredible Hulk

The Hulk given a permanent body, living underground with the Moloids, becoming their champion and hunter. While Bruce no longer lives in fear of transforming into the Hulk, he feels alone and empty. I would like to see an Incredible Hulk book that just focused on him roaming around underground fighting giant beasts and threats to the Moloids.