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Critical Look: Godzilla (2014)

Critical Hits:Excellently produced action sequences where Godzilla proves why he’s King of the Monsters. The re-imagining of Godzilla’s origin not as an accidental spawn of human error, but as a primordial beast is interesting and provides a reason for him to fight the MUTO.┬áThe MUTO creature designs are amazing, and three monsters are always better […]

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It’s Finally Here and It’s Awesome! Pacific Rim Trailer!

Just….watch. Then we’ll talk. Okay, you back? Sooooo yeah, that was some giant monsters, we call ’em Kaiju, attacking Earth, through a fucking dimensional rift in the Pacific Ocean. Humanity’s first option of course is “We need giant fucking robots!”, going out on a limb here and some Japanese politicians were like “Fuck yes we’ve […]