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Nautilus Revealed and Patch Preview

Nerfs coming to Sona, Soraka and Vlad. Shen gets buffed and reworked. FIrst look at Nautilus,the Titan of the Depths splash art. Read on for video and details.

Gaming League of Legends Videos

Nautilus Art Spotlight

This splash art looks a lot better than the comic art from the teaser yesterday. Take a look as Wes Keil creates the look for Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths. Anyone in a creative field will tell you that artists come under more pressure than a deep sea diver. So when Wes Keil told […]

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Nautilus Sneak Peek Details From Xypherous

Someone on the LoL General Discussion forum asked about what the next champ could be. A hint: It’s not a support. Hear that? That’s the sound of disapproval from all the support QQ’ers. BUT Xyph did say that you would have a support “much sooner” than July. That out of the way, these are some […]